Your Best Bet for Avoiding Influenza

There are many viruses that spread harmful diseases and only timely vaccinations can help prevent this. Influenza is one of these viruses which can be problematic if not dealt with from the onset. Normally this virus emerges during the cold season and most people are ignorant of the severe consequences of this virus since the death rates caused by this virus have gone up. Influenza vaccine commonly referred to as flu vaccine is the recommended way to get rid of influenza and its consequences which are usually severe.

It has been recommended by medical professionals that everyone above 6 months should get vaccinated especially people whose immunity is low as a result of a viral infection. It needs to be taken once it has been made available in the market and continued throughout the influenza period.

This makes it important for doctors to buy flu vaccines to keep your staff and patients healthy. Remember health care associated influenza outbreaks affect both the patients and the health care providers. CDC has recommended that all that are 6 months and older should get this vaccine yearly.

The vaccines that are available in the market today will be quadrivalent and trivalent. The CDC has made no preference for the two formulations so one should not delay getting this flu vaccine. As you plan to buy flu vaccines, check online for the list of the available vaccines that come with age indications, routes, mercury content, presentation, manufacturers and trade names so that your patients are assured of the best.

Despite the fact that both the nasal spray and flu injection protect children from flu, evidence has shown that the nasal spray works better for children between two and eight years. However, it is important to note that there are children that should not be given the nasal spray including:

  • Children with immunosuppression
  • Children with asthma for over a year
  • Children taking medicine with aspirin
  • Children that have taken antiviral influenza medication 48 hours before

For these cases the children should be given flu shots instead. Children between six months and eight years that have never been vaccinated need to get two shots four weeks apart to be fully protected. Doctors need to buy flu vaccines in large doses to ensure this demand is met.

People above 65 years of age have increased risks of developing complications if they get the flu. As a health practitioner, you do have two kinds of injections that you can buy that is high dose flu and regular dose flu vaccines. The high dose vaccine is approved for this age group and the antigen level is four times that found in the regular flu vaccine. Research that has been done shows that the high doses of antigen promotes better response from the immune system. The adult vaccine is administered by some pharmacies, doctor’s offices, health departments and hospitals.

You can buy flu vaccines from any medical store or you can check availability from a store near you online. Health care providers need to buy enough flu vaccines to cater for demand. Additionally, they too need to be vaccinated as they are always exposed to people that are sick. Positive effects of the vaccine will depend on the health and age of an individual.

It is important that you are aware of the side effects of flu vaccines such as fever, swelling, redness and soreness. These happen a few hours after vaccination and they are usually temporary however, if the symptoms don’t disappear consult a doctor.

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