Wolf X-ray: Partnering with You to Set Up Your Radiology Diagnostic Center

Setting up an X-ray center requires careful consideration. Not only do you have to invest in expensive X-ray machines, devices and accessories, you also need to make sure you provide the clients what they are looking for. The Wolf X-ray equipment and accessories can easily be purchased through Express Medical Supplies. But there is a lot more to setting up a top-notch radiology diagnostic center.



Make sure you select a location that is easily accessible and has adequate parking space for cars and ambulances. It is helpful if there are hospitals in the vicinity, as it will ensure a constant stream of patients coming in. There also is an option of collaborating with the hospitals and clinics in the neighborhood, but that is for later.


Large Floor Space

A radiology center is not just about hooking up a Wolf X-ray machine and taking images. There is a lot more to it. Make sure the floor is large enough for the following:


  • Waiting area at the reception and inside
  • Back office operations (marketing, accounts and administration)
  • Rest rooms for staff, patients and visitors
  • Training room
  • X-ray room
  • Mammography room
  • Ultrasound room
  • Changing rooms for staff
  • CT scan room
  • MRI room and control center
  • Pantry
  • Cafeteria for visitors and staff
  • Technician work room
  • Server room for computer hardware


Radiation Protection

Even though you will be working with world-class Wolf X-ray machines and accessories, it is important the structure has been reinforced to protect patients, staff and visitors from radiation. You would require RF insulation for the MRI room and a minimum of 3mm thickness lead rooms for X-ray, mammography and CT scan rooms.


Uninterrupted Power Supply

As the devices, machines and accessories require uninterrupted power, it is important you take measures to ensure this. This is in case of a blackout or storm that causes a power failure. It is best to be prepared than regret it later on.


High Speed Internet Connectivity and LAN

You will require high speed Internet connectivity, as many hospitals, doctors and clinics now want radiology images by email and in soft copies. Not only should your radiology diagnostic center be able to send images, it also should be able to receive. And all computers and laptops within the center should be connected through a local area network (LAN) for easy access to the software you are using for your center.


New Radiology Equipment and Accessories

A world-class radiology diagnostic center requires quality equipment and accessories. Let Wolf X-ray equipment and accessories be your equipment and accessories of choice. Not only can you get all equipment from a single source, you also can work out an affordable and convenient service agreement. Remember, you will have to bear the cost of buying the equipment and accessories as well as maintaining them in proper working order to prevent downtime.


Now that you know what is needed to set up a quality radiology diagnostic center, get Wolf X-ray accessories and equipment to set your diagnostic center apart from competition. Visit Express Medical Supplies today and let one of our helpful sales associates assist you in placing your order or submit your order directly online with just a few simple clicks.

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