Why you need Flu supplies

When you are with flu or in need of a simple and quick test and treatment for flu, you only need reliable and fast tests that can allow faster treatment and recovery. But having awesome Flu supplies for your needs is crucial to your quick recovery.

At ExpressMedicalSupplies, we have a line of products that have been used by physicians and hospitals for many times. Our products include but not limited to:

  • Flu test kits
  • Multi-dose vial
  • Nasal spray
  • Pre-filled syringes
  • Single-dose vial
  • Gloves
  • Masks

Why you need Flu supplies for flu or a cold

If you have a flu-like illness or are sick with flu, it is recommended that you should stay home and keep away from others as much as possible.

Keeping away from others is not enough you should also carry with yourself some Flu supplies to attend to your condition. ExpressMEdicalsupplies has the solution for you, and we also provide procedures for the tests.

Flu Test

The Flu tests allow you to obtain flu test results in a few minutes, which enhance faster diagnoses and treatment. The tests have been found accurate and fast. The Flu tests Kits can be used for the detection of Type A and B Influenza. Our Flu supplies aim at relieving the patient in the best way possible.

They allow testing and detection of type A and B antigens in the simple steps. Due to their accuracy and speed of test, the Flu Test has enabled patients get diagnosed and treated in a single visit. This prevents taking superfluous tests and overusing antibiotics.

Flu Tests

The test combines simplicity, accuracy and speed in a single test. There are quite a number of kits that you can use to diagnose your infection, but there are two tests employed in the process. Both tests are simple and easy to use.

  • Influenza Test- this type of test uses a nasal swab or nasal wash for the diagnosis of viral antigens for Influenza type A and B. The procedure takes three simple steps. This test can also be used in undertaking RSV test upon demand.
  • Influenza A + B Test- this test accurately detects and differentiates antigens for Influenza type A and B. The test requires aspirate, nasal wash, and nasopharyngeal swab specimens. The test is aimed for use as an aid to rapid differential diagnosis in acute flu type A and B. The test is accurate and fast.

Benefits of the Influenza A + B Test

  • FDA cleared test
  • Has inbuilt control for test procedure
  • Quick results – in merely 10 minutes you’ll have obtained results
  • Offers results that are easy to interpret
  • The test completes in an average of 3 minutes
  • Offers differentiation results of type A and type B Influenza.

Other important Flu supplies are hand sanitizers and hand washing detergents. Soap and water are still the best way to keep your hands clean and free of germs. But if the two are not available, health officials recommend the use of alcoholic hand sanitizers.

The best hand sanitizer is one that contains a minimum of 60 percent alcohol, as anything lower than that won’t serve well. Always double-check the label before purchasing any product.

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