Why Should You Get the Flu Vaccine?

Every year people start to talk about influenza in the terms of flu season. Are you going to get your shot? Where do you get your flu vaccine? These are just some questions friends and family members will feel inclined to ask each other over steaming cups of coffee and tea. This valuable inoculation has been credited with saving the lives of babies and the elderly for many generations. This is just one of the many reasons you should consider getting vaccinated against influenza. Here are three others to think about:

Less Time Missed at Work

Getting the flu vaccine can help protect you against getting sick and missing days at work. Days you don’t show up, often mean you’ll be missing money in a pay check. If you get vaccinated you’ll be helping to protect your body from falling ill if it comes across the influenza strains. The healthier you are, the better chance you have at not picking up that cough you’ve been hearing coming from your coworkers desk. This means you can save those sick days for extending your vacation at the end of the year!

Less Chance of Infecting Others

When you’re vaccinated you only have a small chance of catching the flu bugs going around. This means you’ll be less likely to spread it to your small children at home or your grandparents when you visit. You’ll also not be the one getting everybody else sick at work.

Work Requirements

Another reason you should consider getting this important shot is because of work or insurance requirements. Depending on where you work you may have to get the shot. If you’re in a medical office, many government offices or working with children and the general public you’re likely to be required to get a flu shot. This will help to insure you’re not passing on some strains to the people in your work place.

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