Why Should You Get the DCA Vantage Analyzer in Your Lab

The question Should be, “What is holding you back from getting the D A Vantage Analyzer in your lab?” This amazing piece of lab equipment will upgrade your lab tremendously. Doctors will be amazed at the quick turn around in lab results and it will increase patient quality of care.

The world has become keenly high-tech. Technology continues to spin out of control especially in the field of medicine. Nurses, doctors, and all medical facilities must update their practices, adding new equipment and tools every few months to stay in tune with this technology. Labs doing testing for these entities must upgrade the equipment used to make the lab run more efficiently.

Most doctors would agree that advances in medical technology only enhance your patient care. Your health care questions are answered much more quickly through new technologies. Technologies are continuously working on innovations in medical equipment, treatment, and medication to help increase the quality of your health care, and make testing easier, quicker, and more reliable.

One such advantage to this medical technology is a piece of equipment called the DCA Vantage Analyzer, a new concept in reading lab results for the diabetic patient. Every lab needs to have this valuable tool.

One diagnosis in which millions of patients suffer from is diabetes. It is through the use of a DCA Vantage Analyzer that the doctor can consult with you quickly, assuring fast action after test results from this tool. This tool helps the doctor to determine changes in your treatment plan and tells your doctor how efficient your plan is working.

The DCA Vantage Analyzer monitors the glycemic level of diabetic patients. Years ago diabetic patients could be noncompliant to their treatment plan. It made it harder for your doctor to keep blood sugar levels within an acceptable range. If you had diabetes, you could nonchalantly fib to the doctor about your diet and medication. Now, you can no longer do this as the analyzer tells the whole story about how compliant you are with your treatment plan.

This monitor reports levels of the HbA1c and detects early kidney disease so prevalent in the diabetic patient. This tool quickly reports other levels such as GFR level, albumin, creatinine and the ratio of each in seven minutes all from a quick urine specimen.

This analyzer has a built-in storage capacity for keeping and storing up to 4,000 records. This tool can calculate levels and give the doctor a printed paper so that there are no mistakes.

This tool is transportable after loading, from a PC via a USB flash drive and requires little maintenance. It is safe and secure, operating under HIPAA rules and regulations, securing and protecting your medical information thus enhancing compliance with HIPAA.

Another secure feature of this monitor is that if the lab employee is not authorized to use this tool they will not be able to access the monitor or your records. It has a flash alert to remind the lab if and when maintenance is due. This tool offers rapid two-way communication, such as from the lab to any doctor’s office, clinic, and hospital, long and short-term facility. Operators for this monitor are required to be certified and recertified when the time come.

Every lab needs to invest in a DCA Vantage Analyzer monitor because it greatly simplifies the management of the diabetic patient through quickly reporting accurate test results. Quick and precise test results mean faster and improved decisions regarding changes in the treatment and plan of care for you the patient. It restores your confidence that your medical information remains secure.


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