Why choose Express Medical?


Express Medical is a veritable hub of medical supplies. For the healthcare industry, convenience and efficiency are utilized to create an environment that is professional and proficient. Clientele and staff have a wide variety of needs that with the right tools, kits or other medical supplies garners the best possible results. Express Medical has the specific characteristics that cater to a mindset of excellence and preparedness. Below are a few attributes that medical professionals and consumers gravitate towards.

Attributes Attractive to Customers

  • Produces quality merchandise
  • Has timely home/business delivery
  • Provides wholesale (cost-effective) priced products
  • Is organized, easy-to-use multi-optional search engine on business website
  • Brings access to the newest and most current supplies/tools in the industry

How Express Medical Addresses Client Needs

People who choose Express Medical could be searching for a resource that facilitates quality products provides good customer service and is a study in efficiency. Here are some of the ways Express goes above and beyond to cater their customer base:

  1. Much-needed necessities for those who have short or long-term health issues such as wheelchairs and adult diapers are at a discounted price via Express Medical. This consideration allows those who need such tools to function comfortably to continue to do so without feeling overwhelmed by financial burdens.
  2. To bring a premium experience to those utilizing their services, Express applies due diligence by incorporating double-checking into their delivery process. Ensuring high-quality products and the selected products are sent out allows the consumer to receive the product they expect in the allotted time frame.
  3. Express Medical’s website is accessible via mobile devices and touchscreens. For the healthcare facility/staff with little time on their hands, this allows them to continue business as usual without diversion.
  4. The lives of those in the medical field or those who clients who have use of the supplies personally may be hectic and harried, making reordering or remembering what is in low supply medical-wise a daunting task. Express Medical offers the Autoship & Autocall Programs for clients who crave a little extra support.

Offering a Helping Hand

Choosing Express Medical for your supplies gives you the upper hand on staying well-stocked and prepared for any unexpected or chronic health complications and offers you an ally in your corner. Below are some details about the two programs that were created by Express Medical to address the consumers’ individual needs:

Autoship Program- This program asks you to choose a time frame of delivery that works within your schedule. After doing so your supplies will be automatically shipped to your door. The shipment will not be charged you until after it is processed. A model of efficiency, you can devote your attention to your clients instead of worrying about keeping track of inventory and re-stocking your supply closet.

Autocall Program- This free reminder service puts valuable customer service within your reach. Customer service reps call and alert you about replenishing your supplies after a certain amount of time has passed. You decide whether you wish to renew your order or disregard it.

Why Do Consumers Appreciate Express Medical

Healthcare professionals and their clients appreciate simple and thoughtful solutions to facilitate time management. Low-cost products coupled with hassle-free delivery provide associates with the peace of mind they need to function effectively in an often fast-paced environment. Express Medical brings numerous options, convenience, efficiency, high-quality products and quality service to their customer base.

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