When is the best time to Pre-Book Flu Vaccine


The CDC And Influenza

According to the CDC, Influenza can claim between 3 and 49 thousand lives every year; and that’s in America, first world country among first world countries. Many would agree that America is the most developed country on the planet, though things seem to be changing with the political winds. Regardless, 3,000 to 50,000 people every year? That seems a little extreme! There are several reasons behind this. Influenza resulting in fatality is most common in:

  • The Young
  • The Elderly
  • The Poor
  • Those With Already Weakened Immune Systems

How To Best Prepare For Flu Season

Healthy individuals have little to fear from the flu. The reason the flu results in fatality isn’t usually a result of the strains of pathogen which infect a person. It has more to do with complications leading to greater, more detrimental conditions like pneumonia. An asthmatic individual on the less-fortunate side of town catches the flu and has to continue working eighty hours that week eating nothing but processed foods. He or she is in a condition that will make recovery from even the most minor ailments difficult. Likewise, an old or young person whose immune system is weak, and who hasn’t the means to support themselves is at increased risk.

Generally, the best way to ward of influenza is through proper maintenance of your own health and hygiene. When you eat well, sleep right, don’t over-exert yourself but refrain from becoming inert, and abstain from situations which lead to stress, you are much more likely to have an immune system capable of withstanding even the most virulent influenza strains. As a matter of fact, when we’re healthy, we rebuff substantial illnesses every day. One of the reasons we get sick is that we’re so regularly rebuffing these pathogens that eventually one manages to push through our body’s natural defenses, forcing us to insulate ourselves against further infection by resting a few days while the body’s immune system works to expel the intruding sickness. Some common steps you can take to help ensure your body’s preparedness this flu season are:

  • Regular Exercise
  • Healthy Diet (Including a minimum of processed / “junk” foods, and a maximum of organic produce)
  • Facilitating A Primarily Stress-Free Environment
  • Regular Rest / Constant Sleep Cycles
  • Hydration Maintenance (64 oz / day – 8 glasses of 8 ounces)
  • Cultivation of Enjoyable Experiences (Laughter’s the best medicine)
  • Inoculation

Pre-Book Flu Vaccines For Additional Preparedness

In a shifting economy of increasing diversity and decreasing health, it makes sense to remain abreast of predictable trends and prepare against them. Pre-booking flu vaccines will give your immune system additional ammunition this flu season. Doing so is also a great way to remove stress from you and your loved-ones, as you’ll enter the new year prepared. While vaccines don’t cure or prevent the flu, they do reduce the severity of its symptoms, and increase your immune system’s ability to handle it.

Vaccinations involve injecting an inert pathogen into the body such that the immune system can latch onto it and learn its “secrets”. Even though people who get a flu shot aren’t technically “sick”, they will still exhibit an immune system response which can last several hours to several days. This is why it’s best to pre-order vaccines and administer them in the Summer. During Summer, there is increased flexibility, and immune systems have less negative forces weakening them, making reception of an inoculation less severe.

Flu shots are a great means of helping aide your immune system in the fight against the flu. They may not be a cure, but they’re a substantial advantage.

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