When Does Flu Season Begin

Everybody cringes when they hear that the flu virus has been detected in their county and flu season is beginning. This is a highly contagious virus that many people end up getting each year and brings about some very severe and unpleasant symptoms such as a high fever, headache, body aches, stomach issues, vomiting, sinus issues and sore throat. While your common cold can last for just a few days before you feel better, the flu virus can stick around in your body for as much as a couple weeks and for most of this time you can’t get to work or do much of anything except rest.

When Does Flu Season Begin?

Depending on where you live in the world, the flu can hit at various times. In the United States, the flu is usually prevalent in the late fall throughout the winter months. In other parts of the world, it can be the opposite months than what we experience but this is because these areas are experiencing winter when we are having warmer weather. For example, our United State’s flu shot is based off of the Australian flu. This is because Australia gets the flu months before us and we can use that current strain to create the vaccine before people in the U.S. begin to get sick.

What Weather Does The Flu Virus Thrive In?

The reason the flu is most prevalent in the winter months is because the virus thrives in cold and dry weather. For most parts of our country, this is between the months of November to March. While the virus can be spread throughout schools, offices and homes, the virus is actually easiest to catch outside in the cold. The warmer buildings that we heat in the winter can keep the virus alive but only for a day or two on most surfaces whereas it can live outside for much longer.

What Causes It To Spread?

Once one case of the flu makes its way into the U.S. you will see it spread rapidly. It can be spread by way of sneezing, coughing and touching contaminated surfaces and being as highly contagious as it is, passing the flu on to other people happens quite fast. It is always best to stay home when you are sick in order to prevent passing the flu on to other people but sometimes you are getting sick with the flu and don’t even know it which is when you are very contagious and are capable of infecting many other people. Your best bet is to wash your hands frequently, eat healthy, get enough rest and up your fluid intake to make sure your body stays healthy and can fight off the flu virus if you do come into contact with it.

If you are looking for ways to prevent the flu in your home this upcoming flu season, speak to your doctor about receiving the flu shot. It is never too early to talk about this treatment option as you want to receive the shot early in the summer or fall anyway. This will give your body ample time to develop immunities to the flu before it becomes prevalent in your area and people begin to get sick. Also, you run the risk of your county running out of the flu shot which often happens each year when the flu starts to really pick up and then you don’t have the option. Also, it could be too late at this point to develop the immunity that you need to stay healthy and protect others who are at risk of complications.

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