What You Should Know About the 2013 Flu Season

Many of you may remember last year’s flu season as one of the worst in memory. This year, preparing for the flu season is a must for anyone in a high-risk category. Looking back on the influenza breakout of the past year can help us get some perspective on what might happen this year, and see how we can ready ourselves.

During last year’s flu season, many cities were forced to declare a state of emergency, due to the huge level of outbreaks. Over 70 people died from flu-related symptoms in the United States alone, and many of those casualties were young children.

This year, we’re seeing a new variety of flu vaccine being distributed, in order to battle the challenges that appeared in last year’s outbreak. This new vaccine is a “quadrivalent” variety – this means that, instead of battling two or even three strains of influenza, it’s battling four.

Doctors, pharmacies, clinics, and other vaccination locations will soon be receiving their shipments of flu shots and nasal sprays. Those who are high risk – the elderly, the young, and those with preexisting health conditions – should seek out vaccination as soon as they are available.

If you are worried about the high cost of vaccination, there are many low-priced locations to buy flu vaccine from. Check health clinics and pharmacies, such as those in CVS and Walgreens locations. $30 is a small amount to pay for the safety and reassurance that comes with a flu shot.

Last year’s influenza season started remarkably early, and many were caught off guard. Don’t be swept off your feet by an unexpected illness! Before the flu season hits this year, make sure that those you love are protected – get them vaccinated as soon as possible.

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