What to Look for In a Medical Supply Company

If you’re the office manager of a clinic or doctor’s office, you might be responsible for the ordering of medical supplies. These supplies may include examination gloves, the flu vaccine or medical test kits. There are several medical supply companies and selecting the right company isn’t always easy. You want reliability and good service. Don’t choose a random company.

Here are three tips to help you choose the right company for medical supplies.

1. Customer service: The ability to easily speak with a customer representative is imperative. You may have questions about a particular medical supply or deal with a wrong shipment. Without easy access to customer service, you could spend hours trying to resolve an issue.

2. Price. Medical supplies aren’t cheap, but if you’re trying to keep cost to a minimum, it pays to shop around and compare prices. This ensures that you get the most products for your money.

3. Shipment. Fast shipment is always a plus. You may run into problems if it takes weeks to receive your medical supplies. For example, you clinic or office might go through its supply of the flu vaccine during the busy season, or the facility might run out of exam gloves. Know the company’s shipping policy and fees before ordering any medical supplies.

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