What to Do If Your Doctor Doesn’t Have the Flu Vaccine?

As flu season peaks, many doctor offices have gone through their supply of the flu vaccine, creating a shortage across the country. This has triggered widespread panic in some areas, especially since the number of flu-related deaths continues to rise among healthy adults and children.

Although many health professionals and the CDC recommends that everyone receive a flu vaccine in the early fall, some people procrastinate and wait until late in the season. This is dangerous because doctor offices typically receive a limited supply of the vaccination. Once they run out of their supply, some facilities reorder to accommodate patients who did not receive the vaccine, but this is not always the case.

Fortunately, there are options if your doctor no longer has a supply of the flu vaccine.

1. Go to your local pharmacy and ask for the vaccine. Many pharmacies have a generous supply of flu vaccines. If available, you can get a shot without an appointment.

2. Visit your local health department. This is another option, but like your primary physician, supplies are limited. Therefore, you should plan to go early in the season.

3. Check with a free health clinic. If there are free health clinics in your city, call these medical facilities to see if they have a supply of the flu vaccine. If possible, schedule an appointment while you’re on the phone.




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