What Makes November 14th Special?


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National Diabetes Awareness Day has turned from the United States to worldwide depicting World Diabetes Day, celebrated on November 14th, every year. What better time to mark for Diabetes Awareness Day than the day of Dr. Banting’s birthday?

Dr. Banting discovered a way to help lower your blood sugar levels if you have diabetes. He co-discovered insulin in 1922 and its valuable use in diabetes.

The month of November is the month that awareness of diabetes is at its highest. However, it is this one day, November 14th that is set aside worldwide to recognize this amazing discovery and the doctor responsible and bring all kinds of awareness of this insidious disease.

Events and Significance

Diabetes Awareness Month and Day are set aside for the screening for type 2 diabetes. This day brings to light risks for you and all the complications associated with diabetes.

Diabetes Awareness is seeing a great increase in diabetic cases. Many people are living with diabetes and do not know it. Living with unknown diabetes only increases your risk of vital organ failure.

By the time you discover you have complications from diabetes, this illness has taken hold of your vital organs. Diabetes Awareness hopes to decrease these incidents through special free diabetic screening during the month of November.

Why Screen for Diabetes?

You should always be striving to live a healthier lifestyle, but if, per say, you are not, early diabetic screening gives you a second chance to change your lifestyle for the better through better food choices, nutrition, medicine, and exercise.

Screening for diabetes is one of top most parts of managing diabetes, no matter if you have a mild case or a severe case of diabetes Mellitus.

Diabetes and the Human Body

As you live with undiagnosed diabetes, you increase your risk for horrific risks for complications, including premature death.

Screening for diabetes complications is an essential part of managing all types of diabetes. You would have to agree that one diabetic screening shown positive for this illness can help you avoid,

  • Visual blindness
  • Amputation of an extremity
  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Heart Attack
  • Stroke
  • Death, possibly premature death

Having Diabetes Costs Money

Diabetes runs rampant across the United States and globally, with costs increasing in health care increase at a tremendous rate.

November 14th every year is led by the International Diabetes Federation. Since its origin in 1991, this day has brought forth mounds of information and diabetes education to millions of people who would otherwise be ill-informed or not informed at all.

The International Diabetes Federation has a goal to continue to put diabetes to the forefront of healthcare and list it as one of the top global health problems costing millions of dollars every year.

Know Your Logo

The blue circle logo for Diabetes Awareness brings to the public eye a unity of the diabetic community and this epidemic the world faces.

The belief is that diabetic screening helps you catch problems before they arise. This testing gives you the chance you need to live a healthier life, free from increased health risks and complications.

The International Diabetes Federation sees an increase in interest in this illness which ignites a fire to keep informing and educating the public about diabetes.

This Federation provides many different branches, a network of many organizations and associations working towards one goal, the education of diabetes and screenings, thus continuously increasing public awareness.

  • The International Diabetes Federation along with,
  • The Department of Public Information
  • The Pan American Health Organization
  • WHO (The World Health Organization,)
  • Knowledge continues to increase through Diabetic Awareness.
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