What Kind of Gloves Do You Need for At-Home Medical Care?

There are a myriad of purposes for high-quality exam gloves – keeping your hands safe from harsh chemicals, or keeping others safe from the potential germs on your skin. When you’re caring for yourself or a loved one at home, these gloves can help protect you from infection or disease, as well as the person you are caring for. With all the types available, what kind of gloves are right for you and your situation? Here are a few types of gloves, as well as

Latex gloves– Many of us have heard of this option, and even seen them in doctor’s offices across the world. These gloves are stretchable, thus fitting exceptionally well on almost any adult set of hands. Higher quality gloves are best, as thinner varieties might snap and break.

Nitrile gloves– Just as sturdy and flexible as latex, but without the proteins weaved in. These gloves are commonly used by those who might have allergic reactions when using more standard gloves. They are safe, durable, and resistance to both chemicals and tearing/ripping.

Vinyl gloves– You might have seen your lunch lady in school wearing these gloves whilst she was dishing out food! These gloves are thicker but glossier in appearance, while being cheaper than most exam glove varieties.

Synthetic gloves– If you are allergic to latex or rubber proteins, these gloves are a great alternative. The aim of these synthetic gloves is to be as close to latex gloves as possible, without all the harsh allergic reactions that some people have. You can expect the same flexibility and durability from synthetic gloves as you can from latex.

Many of these gloves can be found at locations and retailers that offer medical supplies in bulk. Research each type of glove before making your decision to buy a box – you’ll be glad you did!

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