What is the Right Exam Glove for You?

Exam Gloves offer crucial barrier protection. Whether you require non-latex exam gloves or are comfortable with latex exam gloves, as a physician, it is highly important that they fit properly. Believe it or not there are many different choices available and it is worth everyone’s time that you spend a moment and review all the options.

Obviously price is an option, but going for the cheaper exam glove could lead to complications during use and that is never an option when working with a patient.  These problems include improper grip, sweaty hands that fatigue fast and can promote the growth of bacteria, decreased sensitivity and even carpal tunnel syndrome.

What you want to take into consideration is proper fit including cuff length, thickness, smoothness and whether you prefer powder exam gloves or powder-free exam gloves. Really, the only way to figure out which glove works best for your office is for everyone to try several varieties.  Your medical representative should be able to send over to your office a sampling of different types. As for the price, it should be the last consideration. If the more expensive Exam Gloves are going to be the best option, then so be it. When your samples arrive, use them on basic procedures. Exam Gloves that are too thick or tight should not be considered.

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