What is the Hemosense Inratio2?

Hemosense Inratio2 is a machine that is used for INR testing at the point of care. The device is one of the most popular point-of care-monitor. Point of testing refers to the medical diagnostic testing which is done outside the laboratory but near the location where care is given to the victims. Point of testing is basically done by non-professionals. The results of the test are critical for informing clinical decisions. The INRation2 monitor comes as a savior to individuals who are undergoing blood thinning. As such, if you take anticoagulation medicine it is critical that you check your INR often. INR, the initial for International Normal Ratio, is a standardized number which is revealed in the lab after the test with INR monitor. INRation2 allows the user to get the Prothrombin Time (PT) and INR results from just a drop of blood that is obtained from the patient and put on a fingerstick. With the gadget, one can effectively self-test their PT/INR as frequently as possible without the inconvenience of having to travel to a lab every so often. It is also important in the sense that you don’t have to take oral anticoagulation management.


• Individually wrapped test strips

• Test strips don’t need to be refrigerated

• It is needless to have a separate gadget to monitor electronic controls

• It is needless to have extra strips or external liquid quality control

What is PT/INR test?

When you get an injury, and you are bleeding out, the body naturally reacts to contain the situation by having the blood to clot and avoid bleeding too much. In slowing the bleeding, the body cells responsible are platelets which get to the injury site before a protein known as clotting factors do. These blood components fit together to form a blood clot which is a solid mass that stops the bleeding before the process of healing. If you bleed easily or get clots when it is completely unnecessary, then there is definitely a problem with your clotting factor. PT is critical when you experience either of the two scenarios. It essentially measures the speed at which your blood clots.

What does a PT test look for?

The body manufactures numerous clotting factors which work differently. If any of the clotting factors experiences a problem, could be a reduced number, missing, or even broken, can significantly affect the time it would take to clot after a cut or injury. A PT test considers a set of these factors to determine how efficiently they are handling their duties. The INRation2 usually does prothrombin tests alongside another test known as partial thromboplastin time test. When you take the gadget to the doctor, they would have a clear picture of what you are going through before making a clinical decision.

The INRatio2 machine is usually recommended by the doctor whenever they suspect or want to ascertain whether you have a blood clot defect. Some of the symptoms of bleeding defect include

• Bleeding easily

• Nosebleeds

• Gums that easily bleed

• Blood in stools or urine

• Blood clots that form unnecessarily

• Heavy menstrual periods in females

INRatio2 is also important for tests when you’re on warfarin, medicine for blood thinning. The results from the gadget would be useful guidance for the doctor regarding the dose to be prescribed. In essence, while your blood clot needs to be prevented from unnecessarily clotting, the blood still needs to clot when it’s the right time to do so.

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