What is the A1C Test and its Benefits


Anyone in need of blood sugar testing knows about the significance of the hemoglobin A1C testing that test blood sugar levels. The test also allows doctors to come up with a diabetes management plan, which helps prevent, complications in the future by correcting current issues that are occurring by simply changing medication and the treatment action plan your on.

How does A1C testing benefit diabetics?

The A1C testing is beneficial to diabetics because it is capable of providing 3 months worth of a person’s typical blood sugar levels. If the A1C levels come back, too high or too low it means blood sugar levels are not normal and the risk of diabetic complications goes up. Thankfully, with the data collected from this testing diabetics can stay with a treatment plan that is active and preventative for managing and keeping the condition under control. Other benefits of the testing are:

  • Helps you assess the positive lifestyle changes you have adopted due to the changes of your status of your diabetes.
  • Helps you achieve accurate home blood sugar testing to help better manage your diabetes.
  • Helps fine-tune your current diabetes treatment so you can receive the right medication and dosage at the right time so you can feel your best.
  • Helps prevent other health conditions from occurring from severe cases of diabetes such as cardiovascular disease and loss of limbs due to serious infections and poor circulation.
  • Helps prevent complications during pregnancy and childbirth.

What factors can cause irregular A1C testing?

Some of the factors that can cause irregular AIC testing are people suffering from conditions such as anemia, pregnancy, sickle cell disorder, spherocytosis, hypersplenism, HIV, and liver disease. Taking supplements such as vitamin E and C or pain relievers such as aspirin can also interfere with proper A1C testing. People that receive a blood transfusion will not receive accurate results from A1C testing either until after 3 months. If your doctor suspects that the A1C testing results will come back irregular, he or she will make you wait to take it or schedule for different kinds of blood sugar testing.

Who should use A1C testing?

Those who should use A1C testing are anyone suffering for a blood sugar disorder. After all, early detection of blood sugar complications can help catch diabetic warning signs early, which allows for immediate treatment so the condition does not worsen causing other complications such as retinopathy and neuropathy.

Pregnant women are also recommended by midwives, obstetrics and gynecology to monitor blood sugar levels throughout pregnancy. Dangerously low or high blood sugar levels can cause complications during pregnancy. This is especially true for females with diabetes. A1C testing during pregnancy occurs every three months until the baby is born. Sometimes the testing is required more often depending on the results that come back from the lab. Depending on the ab results you get back your medical care provider will come up with the proper treatment plan to handle the condition properly so it doesn’t worsen.

Wrapping Up with A1C Blood Testing

If you or a love one needs A1C testing, visit your doctors office or a laboratory inside a hospital your doctor recommends. If your a hospital, clinic or doctors office in need of A1C testing kits, Express Medical Supplies offers the hemoglobin A1C testing kits at affordable rates. Most importantly, the company is able to send the test out quickly so you can receive the kits in your medical facility in a timely manner. After all, it is always wise to keep a fully stocked supply of these test on hand since blood sugar testing is a common one in most medical facilities.

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