What are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Doctor Office Lab Set Ups?

There are many choices for setting up a new medical doctor office. One of the biggest questions many doctors need to ask themselves is, do they need to include a lab in their office setup. Medical labs can offer many benefits, such as in-house lab testing, and reduced long term costs, but the initial lab setup can be very expensive initially. There are some workarounds available for labs, but generally it means that you will need to outsource some common testing like flu, drugs, and common pathogens. Here are some of the arguments for and against installing a lab in your doctor office setup.


Having built in lab equipment in your medical office reduces time and long term costs considerably. First, sending samples to be read, even digitally, takes much longer than an in-house lab. It is also more expensive over a long period of time to continue to outsource. Some tax exceptions are provided in certain cases to doctor offices lab setups that have labs. Return time and the ability to get patients out as quickly as possible increases performance, and the number of patients can be helped. Most doctors are rated on these two factors, as waiting for new lab information makes people sit for a long period of time.


The initial costs of doctor office lab set ups are very steep. This means you will need multiple grants for sharing the lab services under certain parameters. If it is a private practice, this may be a worthwhile initial investment, but it is very difficult to manage for most starting offices. Running a lab in your doctor office may also cost you more than initially expected as well, as some may require large amounts of gas or electricity. If the lab has large appliances, like refrigerators, this cost will be especially heightened. Always make sure you have the most energy efficient models available. There are normally special financing options available for start up labs, which can make the lab setup process more manageable from a cash-flow perspective. Ask your rep for more details about how we can help you manage your lab setup.

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