What are Blood Thinners?

If you have been prescribed a blood thinner from your physician you may have been given a Coaguchek system for self–monitoring. This system offers you the freedom of being able to check your anti-coagulation therapy at home and be reassured that you are keeping the dosages under control.

Blood thinners actually do not thin the blood, they make it so the blood decreases its ability to form a clot. These medicines are called anticoagulants. With fewer blood clots forming there is less of a chance they will block blood vessels. Those who have suffered a heart attack, stroke or have had a heart valve replacement may need to take blood thinners. Also, if you have had a blood clot in your leg, which is called deep vein thrombosis, or in your lung, which is called a pulmonary embolism, you will definitely need to be on blood thinners.

While being on blood thinners is necessary and very important there are many precautions need to be taken. First and foremost is taking care not to injure yourself or make yourself bleed. Since the ability to clot has been lessened, you could end up bleeding too much. Care also needs to be taken in the kitchen or if you do any sports. If you use razor blades for shaving you should switch immediately to an electric razor. And, if you are prone to bleeding when you brush your teeth, you should make sure to use a soft bristle toothbrush.

Being on anticoagulants does not mean you have to stop living your active lifestyle, it only means you must take extra care.  Ask your doctor if the Roche Coaguchek PTINR System is a good fit for your cumindin treatment program.

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