We Have the Flu Vaccine In-Stock and are Shipping Now!!!

Purchase the flu vaccine for the 2012-13 flu seasons today by visiting www.expressmedicalsupplies.com.  We have the flu vaccine in stock and are Shipping Now!

You may also call toll free at (866) 451-6337 and someone will be ready to take your information and get your flu order in.

Flu vaccine options include GSK Flulaval, 18 years and older, MDV; Novartis Fluvirin, 4 years and older, MDV; Fluzone, 6 months+, MVD; Afluria, 36 months+, MVD; Flumist, 2 years – 49 years, nasal sprayer; Fluzone, 36 months+, SDV, Preserative-free; Afluria, 6 months+, prefilled syringes, Preserative-free; Fluzone, 36 months+, prefilled syringes, Preserative –free; and Fluzone, 6-35 months, prefilled syringes, Preseratve-free.

Express Medical Supplies also has flu test kids and a variety of other medical supplies available for your home or medical office. Visit www.expressmedicalsupplies.com For more details.

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