Using Multistix to Test Urine Samples

If you have been told by your physician that you need to test your urine periodically because you have been diagnosed with diabetes, or you need periodic checks of your kidney and liver functions for possible infections, the Multistix home testing strips make this very convenient.

Multistix test urine for various reactants, such as glucose, pH levels and blood. Because you don’t need to have further testing done with laboratory equipment, Multistix are an extremely reliable and easy way of checking your urine at home.

If you are caring for an elderly family member or have an infant, who needs to be tested, the Multistix test eliminates the need to take the patient to the doctor each time they need to be tested. These test strips will also alert you as to whether your patient is properly hydrated.

Simply collect the urine in a dry container. The first morning samples typically have the best concentration of markers. Then, immerse the reagent pad of the Multistix into the urine. Remove instantly to keep the reagent pad from dissolving and be certain to remove excess urine. Place in a horizontal position and evaluate the change of color by the corresponding color chart on the bottle. It is advisable to keep a log of the color changes so you can discuss them with your physician. Always notify your physician immediately if the colors are concerning.

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