US Ranks Highest Among Countries for Cardio & Circulatory Disease Related Deaths

Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation has just released a report on the changing global patterns of diseases linked to causation of death. Among the findings, it had the US being the highest ranked country (close follower: UK) for death related to cardio & circulatory diseases.

Americans are falling victim to their environment. High levels of smoking, indulgent eating patterns, and stressors from work-focused lives are all factors identified as a cause in this most recent study.

If you don’t want to be among those who fall victim to this statistic, then it’s important to monitor how your body is regulating. Do you know how well your body uses the nutrients you take in, and if you are taking in enough of the right types in order to keep your systems running healthily?

When was the last time you had a blood screening? When was the last time you asked your doctor for a urine-based test? Although that may seem outlandish to you, it’s not. It’s asking your medical professional to educate you on how well you treat your body, so that you can make positive changes while you can to live longer, and fuller.

It’s now more important than ever for doctors to stock up on medical test supplies and multistix reagent strips, to help patients identify how well their bodies are processing nutrients and how that affects other systems in their body.

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