Two Common Types of Flu Kits

Buy flu vaccineFlu season can bring a host of problems along with it, not the least of which is the concern over spreading the illness. For this reason many offices are looking at flu kits and what they can offer their practice. If you have been looking at carrying flu kits to offer your patients you may have found there are several available on the market. This large variety can be broken down into two basic groups of kits. The following are what you might find when looking at stocking these for your practice.

The Care-for-You Flu Kit

This kit is largely comprised of items that will help you feel better when you are sick with the flu or if you have the common cold along with many other illnesses. Many practices skim over selling these kits but there can be a nice revenue from offering them to patients alongside providing an extended service. Some items that are commonly found in these particular kits are cough suppressants, decongestants, antihistamines, lozenges, tissues, thermometers and pain relievers. Supreme kits may extend with anti-inflammatories, hot and cold packs, stomach soothers and other over the counter remedies. They are often offered in metal lunch bin pails and look good on display.

Flu Test Kits

The other commonly seen types of flu kits available will help your patients to determine whether or not they have influenza without leaving the home. These kits are simple home labs that require a small swab to culture. Kits test for influence A and B along with swine and bird flu. The benefit of these kits being offered to patients is that they help to reduce the spread of the illness. They also allow patients to stay at home and rest when they are ill rather than sit at the doctor’s office.

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