Two Alternatives to Large Lab Setups

While many doctors and larger practices prefer to have a lab set up for certain tests, some smaller ones simply do not have the resources for large labs. They must sometimes outsource testing as well, leaving large bills back and forth to diagnose a patient. Well now there is a better way to diagnose certain illnesses and drug use without elaborate or expensive labs. If you are looking to cut costs in your practice, with continuing to serve patients with the best care, there are some alternatives to large lab set ups. Here are a few that you may not have thought of.

Flu Kits

Almost forty-percent of people who enter a doctor’s office complain of the flu, or flu-like symptoms. A doctor, along with the battery of tests that must normally be run and lab equipment required, is too much for small offices. This is where the flu kit shines. With a simple swab of the nasal cavity, a twenty minute test can confirm or deny that the patient has influenza. This is a perfect way to keep patients moving in your practice, getting a diagnosis, and treatment without the extended waits that are always present with lab work.

Drug Tests

The same applies to drug tests, which are often outsourced to other testing companies. This especially gets very expensive without and in house testing method. Fortunately, urine strips and urine sample cups are usually enough to tell if the person has imbibed a drug. This lets you move forward fast and efficiently with other treatments, or hold back on treatment if the person is currently under the influence. Many states are mandating the use of urine drug testing before treatment, so this may be more common in offices without enough money for a lab set up that can read these drugs.

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