Tips to Control Flu in the Workplace

In all likelihood, at least one of your employees will catch the flu this winter. Although you can’t stop infections and viruses, you can take steps to control the flu in your workplace.

  • Give ample sick days. In addition to your employee’s normal sick days, add in two or three paid flu days. This will encourage employees to stay home when they’re ill.
  • No-flu policy. Do not tolerate sick employees in the office. If you suspect that an employee is ill with the virus, require that he leave the office immediately.
  • Hire a janitorial staff to clean the office after hours. The janitorial company can disinfect commonly touched surfaces, such as phones and keyboards, thus helping stop the spread of germs, viruses and bacteria.
  • Give a flu vaccine bonus. Encourage your staff to get their annual flu shot. And for those who comply with your wishes, offer a bonus, such as free lunch, a gift card or a paid day off.
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