Tips To Avoid Colds And The Flu


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Keeping Out Of Influenza’s Corner

You’re not going to get caught flat-footed this flu season; you’re prepared, aren’t you? You are going to be conscientious about your health and ensure that you avoid contracting this yearly scourge. Good for you! Following are several tips to help you keep athwart of the influenza villain this flu season as per your plans.

Basic Hygiene

Start with what you can manage and work your way up. Most can manage basic hygiene. Even if the streets are your primary abode, you can still get into a grocery store restroom, or gas-station bathroom, or public facility. Use the soap, use the water, get all the grit from beneath your fingernails where microorganisms grow like some miniaturized version of a space station on an asteroid. Get those colonies of bacteria euthanized with Dawn, or whatever soap is your favorite. Shower regularly, brush your teeth–and be sure to floss! Flossing between the gums gets rid of other bacteria colonies. If you can’t stand the pain, or your fingers never quite figured out how to run that thread, you can also use little floss picks which make the process much more convenient and have grown in popularity. Additionally, you might use a thin-bristled toothbrush. New technology is producing brushes with micro-bristles designed to surrogate floss as much as possible.

When you’re in crowds, watch who you let breathe on you, and watch who you cough/sneeze toward. Cover your mouth. Wash your hands whenever you’ve handled anything in the “public” sphere. Avoid touching your face or mouth or eyes over-much.


Eat foods that have been non-processed and don’t contain ingredients like “enriched flour”. Look for natural vitamins and minerals wherever you can. Eat lots of fruits and lots of vegetables. While many are touting the benefits of GMO products, it’s not a bad idea to “wait and see”, as the saying goes. Anything too good to be true usually has a catch somewhere, and there just hasn’t been enough time for any assurances which pertain to GMOs.

If you do contract influenza, be sure to have a diet that is rich in fluids. You’ll be expurgating regularly while under the weather, and it’s important that you replenish yourself.


Work out regularly. Give your body some muscle, some strength, and some stamina. Doing this will ensure that when you do contract an illness, it will likely not be a prolonged one. You’ll be able to get “back on the horse”, as the saying goes, much more quickly. Also, your immune system will function better if your body is in peak physical condition.

Stop Smoking and Drinking; Or At Least Cut Back

Any physician will advise this. Smoking compromises the lungs and leaves the immune system perpetually battling damage that bears a strong resemblance to pneumonia, and increases your susceptibility to such conditions. Drinking dehydrates you, and that also severely weakens the immune system. Moderation makes these things relatively harmless; but daily use is certainly not moderation. The more control you have over yourself, the more healthy you can be.

Remaining Influenza Free

You don’t have to be perpetually ill. You don’t have to stay ill as long as you normally would, either. Just follow these previously expanded bullet points:

  • Maintain Basic Hygiene
  • Eat Right
  • Stay Physically Active
  • Cut Out The Smoking and Drinking

The healthier you can keep yourself, the stronger your immune system will be, and the less taxed it will become should influenza hit. It can be difficult to remain healthy, but if you are conscientious about it, eventually habits like these will become second nature.

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