Three Ways to Encourage Patients to Pre book Flu Vaccines

Every flu season you are counting up last year’s records, looking at how many shots you gave out and trying to create a number to go by when placing your orders. If you are like many practices you want to take advantage of the special rates that are commonly offered when you pre book flu vaccine. One easy way to help get a more accurate count of who is interested in getting the shot is to encourage your patients to pre-book. Consider some of the following tips to help make this happen.

Post Fliers throughout the Office

One of the most common methods of communicating with patients is with a well-placed flier. This is also true when promoting pre-booking of shots. These fliers should be colorful, with large, simple font. Any important information, such as bringing insurance cards or pricing, should also be marked in the flyer to help field any questions. You can place these fliers at the front desk, in the restroom, and along tables with the magazines.

Create a Vaccine Clinic

Another common method of getting patients on board with getting their vaccines in a timely fashion is to select a specific day and place to host a clinic. This will encourage a large body of patients who might not want to come in and sit at the office on a regular day because of sick patients or delays, to come in with a group of people getting the same inoculation. Clinics are one of the most common ways to get patients booking early.

Offer Special Rates

If you are able, you can also offer discounted flu vaccines if your patients book early. This can help you save with scheduling problems while protecting your patients from falling ill. Many times, people only need a small discount to be encouraged to get a flu shot.

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