Three Things to Know About the Flu Vaccine

Think you know everything about the flu vaccine?

Even if you ask for a flu vaccine each year to protect yourself and family, you probably don’t have all the information about the flu shot.

Here are three facts about the vaccination.

1. Highly effective against the flu¬†virus – Some people mistakenly think that the flu vaccine offers 100% protection against the virus. Unfortunately, it’s possible to get sick after a flu shot – but not likely, considering the vaccine is about 90% effective. However, if you get sick, you’ll experience a milder form of the flu, and you’ll recover faster.

2. The shot isn’t for everyone – If you’re allergic to eggs, your physician may recommend skipping the shot. Additionally, the flu vaccine isn’t approved for children under the age of six months.

3. It takes two weeks for full protection – The flu vaccine doesn’t offer protection the moment you receive a vaccination. The truth is, it will take about two weeks to receive protection from the virus. Therefore, the earlier you receive a shot in the year, the better.

Have¬†additional questions? Talk with your family physician to learn whether you’re a good candidate for the flu vaccine. And don’t wait until the last minute to get vaccinated. Get a shot in September and you’ll be protected for a full 12 months.

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