Three Steps to Planning Doctor Office Setups

There are many reasons you need to plan a great set up for your practice from the very start. If the layout isn’t ideal from the outset you will battle problems the entire time you run your office. Doctor office setups can come together more smoothly if you work with a professional company to insure you get the right equipment along with the correct flow of traffic. Consider the following tips:

Consult Professionals Early on

One of the best things you can do for your practice is to consult with professionals from the very beginning. This will help to insure that the placement of your larger equipment is ideal. If you are planning on utilizing an in-house lab you will also be able to consult on the placement of these items along with designing an efficient sanitation process and procedures to get fast and accurate results from testing.

Lease Your Items or Buy Them

You will also need to make a decision as to whether you care to lease your big equipment or if you would rather purchase it outright. The difference here is whether you will be spending a lot up front or whether you will be spending on equipment regularly. There will also be differences in your end of the year accounting. When you purchase the equipment you will have the purchase price to claim along with depreciation of value over time. When you lease you will only claim your monthly payments and won’t have the benefit of depreciating their value.

 Sanitation Practices and Proper Procedures

Part of your process will be to determine what procedures need to be followed when handling the lab specimens, cultures and results. This will factor the general setup you have into the process as well as equipment and procedures. At this point you will also want to set a guideline as to the amount of lab work you believe your staff can attend to.

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