Three Reasons to Stay Home if you Have the Flu

Missing a few days from work may not benefit your pocket, but if you’re sick with the flu, staying home is one of the best decisions you can make. The flu vaccine is 90% effective against the flu virus. However, if you get sick with the flu before you’re able to get your flu vaccination, here are three smart reasons to stay home.

  • Avoid spreading the flu virus. Like colds and many other infections, the flu is highly contagious. Keeping a safe distance from people is not always enough to prevent the spread of the flu virus. Because the flu virus can travel through the air, it’s easy to pass the illness to coworkers and classmates.
  • Give your immune system a boost. The more active you are with the flu virus, the longer it will take to recover. Building your immune system is the best way to fight the flu virus, and to improve your immunities, you need rest.
  • Catch up on a little relaxation. Sure, you might get behind on schoolwork or your paycheck might be a little light. However, this is your opportunity to lie around and do nothing – take advantage of this time and get some sleep.
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