Three Reasons to Choose In-House Medical Lab Setups

Buy CardioChek Blood TestWhen you’re working through creating your practice and setting it up you’ll have a lot of decisions to make. One thing that you’ll need to carefully consider is how you’ll want your labs performed; if you want to train staff to perform certain procedures in-house or if you want to send the labs out. Here are a few points to think about:

Faster Results

Lab setups in-house will get you results, even in just a few moments, whereas sending your labs out can take a day or longer. The quick results for your tests will help your patients be able to receive treatment faster for certain cases or rest easier in others.

Savings in the Long Run

While it will initially cost you more to get your lab set up in the practice you’ll save more money by not sending out as many tests. This money saved can be used to keep your office in the most updated equipment, help keep in touch with your patients and for any of a number of other items. In addition to this, keeping your labs in-office means that you’ll be able to bill for the work. This is another way you can keep your office making money.

You Can Still Send to Outside Labs

For those of you who are worried about accuracy, you can always double check your results by sending to an outside lab as well. This will help keep your staff well informed of how accurate their procedures are as well as help keep your office running smoothly.

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