Think About the Flu Vaccine Before it Gets Cold

The thought of getting a flu vaccine may not enter your mind until the onset of winter. However, there are several reasons to get a vaccination before the start of fall or winter. Drive past any drug store in late summer and you’ll see advertisements for the flu shot. Many drug stores offer the flu vaccine on site and anyone can walk in without an appointment and request a shot.

An early flu shot offers great protection in the event of an early flu season. The flu is airborne, thus it’s easy to become infected with the virus. You can become sick without coming in physical contact with a sick person. If you work in close company with a sick coworker or stand to close to a sick stranger at the grocery store, you can become infected. Coughing and sneezing can spread the virus, and without a flu vaccine, you’re not protected.

While the flu vaccine doesn’t protect 100 percent, it can offer up to 90 percent protection. With the vaccine, the odds of dodging the flu are in your favor.

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