The Many Varieties of Exam Gloves

Exam Gloves are very important for many reasons. Medical professionals don these gloves every time they meet with a patient. It is simply required. Exam Gloves offer the utmost form of protection against bodily fluids or dangerous chemicals when working with a patient or in a laboratory. They are dependable and resistant enough to prevent contamination.

Whether you are a medical professional, a lab technician or are caring for a loved one at home, exam gloves should always be included in your kit of medical supplies and worn each time you come in contact with any type of bodily fluids.

Exam Gloves come in many different materials, however latex exam gloves are the most popular choice.  Many people do have an allergy or sensitivity to latex or the powder that is used with the gloves, so if that is the case there are other types of gloves that offer equal protection such as vinyl exam gloves or nitrile exam gloves.

Exam gloves are flexible and very comfortable. It is very easy to grip something using exam gloves and because they are sterile they protect the patient as well.

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