The Importance of the Flu Vaccine

Many elderly people remember the days when diseases like the mumps, rubella, and the measles claimed lives.  After vaccinations against diseases such as these became common, the number of people who passed away from these illnesses decreased exponentially, of course.  The flu has somehow “flown under the radar” as a virus that can kill for a number of years.  Though medical professionals have long pointed to evidence that a bad case of the flu can lead to medical complications, and even death, from related illnesses such as bronchitis and pneumonia, many people have largely shrugged the severity of the flu off as just another bad cold that comes around during the winter.

With recent severe flu strains like swine flu appearing, however, the flu has moved front and center among those illnesses for which vaccination is recommended.  Now is the time to speak with clients about the flu vaccine, or the discount flu vaccine.  The elderly, and anyone with already compromised health, are especially susceptible to the flu during the winter months and cold and flu season.  Speak with your clients seriously about the influenza vaccine.  Vaccination now, means that the next generation of elderly will not have stories about the days when the flu claimed hundreds of lives.

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