The Importance of Test Strips in Monitoring

For people with medical issues that relate to the blood, blood testing and monitoring used to be a cumbersome, uncomfortable, and often quite expensive affair.  Keeping track of blood related issues, and adjusting for them, could sometimes take weeks, and in that time, the health of the patient often deteriorated a great deal.  This state of affairs was not one with which patients or healthcare professionals were comfortable.  Over the course of the last 15 years, in-home blood testing has become more and more prevalent.  Products like the Hemosense PT/INR monitoring system have made it possible for patients to monitor their own blood and report to their healthcare practitioner. 

Part of the process of these monitoring systems is the use of a blood test strip.  A patient can collect a small amount of blood, apply it to the blood test strip, and process it via the blood monitoring device.  They can then obtain an accurate record of their current blood condition, which allows for their healthcare practitioner to adjust their current treatment, or suggest a new one, quickly.  The faster the response time, the faster the healthcare professional can provide a patient with quality care, and the better everyone can feel.

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