The Flu Vaccine Is Safe for Most Children

The flu virus can be potentially life-threatening in children. Their immune systems aren’t as strong as adults. Thus, children can catch the virus sooner than adults. Plus, the risk of pneumonia is higher in children. But some parents are leery to give their children a flu vaccine. This is because a few vaccinations have been linked to developmental delays and allergic reactions.

But while complications can occur, they only occur in a very small percentage. In actuality, the flu vaccine is very safe for children — as long as your child isn’t allergic to eggs. However, the vaccine is not approved for children under the age of six months.

If your child cannot receive the flu vaccine, you can take steps to protect him. Start by getting a flu shot yourself. It also helps to keep your children away from sick people, if possible. Also, get older children into the habit of washing their hands or sanitizing their hands on a regular basis. Take these measures and you can greatly reduce your child’s risk of the virus.


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