The Flu Vaccine for Everyone

The winter season of the year is prime time for the flu virus to attack, the flu vaccine is extremely important for maintaining the health of your patients during flu season.  It is especially important for those patients who are already compromised in some way.  Medical supplies can be quite costly, and unfortunately, these costs can trickle down to the patient.  For the men and women who are already undergoing treatment for other ailments, the additional cost of a flu vaccination can seem prohibitive. 

A discount flu vaccine is available to reduce costs, but provides the same level of care.  By lowering the cost to the healthcare practitioner or clinic, the cost to the patient can be reduced as well.  Express Medical Supplies has the best priced flu vaccine on the market! Call today to take advantage of our special pricing on flu vaccine and special pricing of flu test kits! For people who are already spending money on medications or treatment, a reduced price can make a world of difference.  The end result is that more patients receive adequate care.  More vaccinations, means fewer people will be ill with the flu this year, and that is worth every penny.

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