The Biggest Myth about the Flu & the Common Cold

It’s here! Summer is upon us! So long to the months of staying inside fighting off the frigid air, days so short you nary see the sun outside the office, and good riddance to cold and flu season. Right? Well let’s backup a bit.

It’s true that the average American tends to be more health-conscience during the Spring and Summer months, but generally only so far as image and fitness are concerned. If the weather causes us to show more skin, we want to make sure what’s showing isn’t unflattering. During these months, we are often more inclined to worry more about slight allergies and not at all about getting a cold or coming down with a case of the flu. It’s largely the fall and winter months that are referred to as cold and flu season, and for good reason. It is indisputable that one should prebook flu vaccines for that time of year, but it isn’t the only time of year to be mindful of contracting colds or the flu.

In point of fact, a cold or flu contracted during the summer months have been known to cause worse symptoms for a longer duration. This is due to the shared similarities between summer allergies and the initial symptoms of a cold. Often times those who are infected are unaware that they are carriers, causing the further spread of viruses. A summer cold or flu travels from one person to another just as those during the winter “cold and flu season”. This would include touching shared contact surfaces like door knops and countertops, as well as though the air via coughs, sneezes and close personal contact. It is this lack of general awareness that can cause a faster spread of infection. You probably aren’t actively avoiding germs and risks as you would during the winter, but ask any nurse, physician or anybody involved in doctor office set ups and they will likely tell you: Yes you can contract the cold in the summer.

To avoid contracting a flu or cold virus during the summer months it would be wise to remain aware and sensible. Eat healthy, make sure you are drinking the proper amount of clean water and remember to wash your hands often with soap or antibacterial sanitizer. Remember, fewer people have flu vaccines during the summer months and if you’re on a summer vacation, it might be a good idea to have a flu kits in case of an emergency. Myth debunked: You can catch a flu or cold during the summer. Better safe than sorry!

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