The Best Exam Gloves for Your Environment

Working in the medical industry can mean exposure to various germs and viruses. But simple measures can protect you and reduce your risk of contracting a contagious disease. It’s common for people in the medical field to wear exam gloves when caring for patients. There are different types of exam gloves, and for the most part, medical facilities and hospitals select gloves that offer the best protection.

Latex gloves are commonly used in the medical industry. These exam gloves are heavy-duty and regularly used in surgical environments and during patient examinations. But despite the durability and reliability of these gloves, some people are allergic to latex and can’t tolerate these exam gloves. Alternative gloves for people in this situation include vinyl or nitrile gloves.

While these exam gloves offer similar protection, they aren’t always as thick as latex gloves. For this reason, there is a higher risk of tears or rips. With the skin exposed, the risk of coming in contact with bacteria, germs, viruses and fungus increases. But you can protect yourself by periodically monitoring your gloves. Never reuse your gloves and replace your gloves at the first sign of damage.

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