Ten Things Flu Kits Should Have

Getting ill can mean lost time at work, feeling terrible and leave you wishing you had a medical care package to make healing easier. Consider the following items you may want in your flu kits.

Cough Suppressants

Whether you end up with influenza or the common cold, having throat spray and cough suppressants on hand can really help you find relief while on the road to recovery.


You will want to easily be able to take your temperature so make sure your flu kit has a thermometer or two in addition to your other supplies.


Cough drops can help when you have a dry, constant cough as well as keep your mouth from drying out. The best flu kits have at least one or two different types of cough drops on hand.

Flu Tests

The most essential items to have in your flu kits are tests to accurately assess whether or not you have influenza. These can often be obtained at clinics, doctor offices and online medical supply stores.

Pain Reliever

Healing will move along much faster if you have a quality pain reliever on hand. Make sure to have a couple different kinds available in case one doesn’t agree with you.

Fever Reducing Medication

If you are running a fever the most important thing to have on hand is medicine to help reduce the fever.


Staying hydrated is key to healing and a healthy immune system. One of the most common side effects of every illness is dehydration so make sure to have some fluids including electrolytes in your influenza kit.


A runny nose and constant coughing means you will need to have tissues on hand. Make sure to pick the ones up that have added moisturizer to help protect your nose and skin while ill.


One item that is often forgotten in these kits is sanitizer. To help keep your illness from spreading through the house a good sanitizer is essential.


Breathing easier often requires decongestants. These can be found over the counter and are an item that’s important for your influenza kit.

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