Teenagers and Testing

Our teenage years are rough no matter who we are.  Hormones kick-in, our bodies change, and our sense of self alters drastically as well.  For teenagers with medical issues, those awkward years can be even more problematic, as a medical condition can further separate them from their peers.  In the past, teenagers with issues surrounding blood clotting and blood coagulation, had to endure multiple trips to the hospital and frustrating ups and downs while test results were analyzed and adjustments were made to medications.  The waiting game affected their ability to participate in social activities, sports, and classes. 

With the development of products like Coaguchek and Hemosense, however, your teenage clients can now regularly test the condition of their own blood and report those findings to you, their healthcare practitioner, without having to stop their world and get off.  Since the information can be gathered efficiently, it is possible to test more often, and have a clearer understanding of what is happening in your patient’s body.  Adjustments can be made more rapidly and with a minimum of delay.  Your teenage clients won’t feel so out of place and inconvenienced.  More importantly, they will spend more of their high school days feeling healthy and normal, and fewer, waiting for test results and recovery.

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