Take Your Own Advice and Get Vaccinated

As a healthcare provider, you spend hours helping people feel better each week. You might come in contact with the flu, colds and other common viruses. How can you protect yourself?

For starters, don’t think that you’re immune to illnesses. You might work hard to boost your immunities, such as taking vitamins, exercising and eating healthy. Because of your efforts, you might dodge a bullet and go years without getting sick with the flu. This, however, can change from year to year.

The same way you recommend that your patients get a flu vaccine, take your own advice. Get your vaccine at the start of flu season to prevent an early-season infection. Additionally, always wear exam gloves when examining patients. Go a step further and encourage sick staff members to stay home. This can reduce illness among your staff and keep your office running smoothly.

The flu is easily preventable, as long as the appropriate measures are taken.

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