Superbugs Spread, Stock Up on Exam Gloves

The CDC has released report this Tuesday on March 5th, 2013, that superbugs are beginning to be a problem in hospitals. Dr. Arjun Srinivasan, the CDC’s associate director has said there’s been “a dramatic increase in the frequency with which these organisms are being seen in the US.”

Superbugs, also known as: carbapenem (CRE), are a group of bacteria (or family) that evolved enough to become immune to most anti-biotic treatments, even last-resort attempts available in medical facilities.

Although these superbugs have only been seen within hospitals, each bacterial infection among patients has proven fatal. And what’s more alarming is that scientists have discovered that these superbugs can spread their “resistance” into other types of bacteria…such as: E-coli. If this happens, what would have been usually a treatable illness could prove fatal.

The general public does not possess the proper immune system to fight off these infections, so currently any CRE’s seen in hospital have been issued into quarantine status and contained.

Medical staff must prepare themselves now with the most supreme attention to care in sanitation, and cleanliness. The best way for hospital personnel to go about this, is to make sure proper hand-washing (with soap and water up to the elbows) and proper glove-changing is rigorously applied.

A bacterium needs a body to transport it. If you are in contact with bacteria on a daily basis, it’s your responsibility to the general public to be as safe and certain as possible that you are providing proper sanitation techniques. Don’t spread what you don’t have to spread if you work carefully and considerately.

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