Snow Days vs. Sick Days

Part of the fun of wintertime, was the chance to stay home from school.  Just about everyone who attended school in an area where snowfall was common during the winter months, wished and hoped for at least one or two “snow days” during their elementary school years.  There was nothing more fun than being told to stay home because there was too much snow (also known as hours of fun) piled up outside or blowing in the air.  Staying home due to snowfall was enjoyable.  Staying home due to illness was not.

As flu season arrives, the chance that children will be staying home for reasons other than snowfall increases a great deal.  As a medical practitioner, especially one that is focused children, you are well aware that a bad case of the flu can have lasting effects on a child.  The flu vaccine and the use of flu test kits can help to keep your youngest patients flu-free, or accurately identify if their illness is due to the flu so that you can help them get better, faster.  Staying home during the winter should be about having snowball fights, not about balls of tissue. 

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