Setting up Your Doctor’s Office to be Efficient

Physical TherapistThere are many doctor office setups that can be very beneficial to your practice, and increase efficiency in the long-term. Most of these are simple changes that can be completed in a matter of weeks. Remember that the faster a doctor completes the little tasks, the more time they can spend with patients.

Online Appointments

Having patients set up their appointments online is a huge benefit. It saves a ton of time, and some money where a practice would need to hire secretaries, or have the doctor spend extra hours on clerical work. Having the patient set up their own appointments stops this time from being wasted, and helps save on employment costs.


Keeping meticulous records on your patients can save time as well. This saves a doctor from having to ask the same questions every time a patient comes in. It also makes the patient feel safer and more secure with their doctor.

E-Mail Lab and X-Ray Results

Instead of having the patient come into the office for their labs and x-rays, email it to them. This saves both the patient and the doctor time. It also prevents a patient from bringing up new issues while they are there. Doctors can do this with prescription refills in some cases as well.

Electronically Bill

Electronically billing patients is faster, more efficient, and provides the doctor with clear dates for sent bills. This method reduces drawn out billing periods, and makes claims against patients that fail to pay much easier. This all can be done by the doctor, rather than several secretaries.

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