School Days and Cold and Flu Season

As winter kicks into high gear, so does cold and flu season. As children head off to school each day at the height of cold and flu season, they will come into contact with many, many other children and the spreading of germs will be inevitable.  Unfortunately, this increased contact with lots of other people, also increases a child’s chance of catching a cold or virus.  For your younger patients, administering the flu vaccine during cold and flu season can help make their school days, and contact with their fellow students, far less risky for everyone. 

While the flu vaccine may not be right for all of your pediatric patients, if the influenza vaccine administered in a timely manner, it can greatly reduce the chance that your school-aged children will spend part of the winter months stuck at home, feeling low.  While some children may welcome a break from school every day, you can be certain that their parents would like that break to happen when they are healthy, not when they are feeling their worst.

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