Reduce The Spread of Flu in The Workplace


Everyone needs cash flow so going to work daily or even nightly is essential. With that said, what do you do if you catch a cold and still need to go into work because you need the cash? Well, sometimes it is best to call out and get the rest you need immediately than go into work. The reason being is your body becomes even more stressed physically and mentally causing the flu to worsen, which causes you to stay out of work even longer and lose even more money.

If you desperately must go into the work place because you need the cash, or your employer threatens the loss of your job, wear a mask! It prevents you from spreading the illness around, and will keep your cash flowing. Along with wearing a mask to prevent the spread of the virus there are some other essential steps everyone in the workplace can take from getting sick during cold and flu season.

Wash or Sanitize the Hands Constantly

Washing your hands regularly in the workplace keeps the harmful germs away. If you do not have antibacterial soap and water close by to do so it is best to sanitize your hands with some antibacterial hand sanitizing gel instead.

Wipe Down Surfaces and the Break Room

Counter tops, tables, chairs, floors, windows and anything that is a hard surface needs to be wiped down daily with antibacterial wipes to kill the germs that cause the flu. This includes wiping down all surfaces in the break room as well such as the microwave, sink, locker doors and restrooms. These are where flu virus strains love hanging out the most.

Spray Antibacterial Solutions

There are countless antibacterial solution sprays you can spray workstations with to kill flu virus strains on computer desks and office areas. Remember, the flu virus strains hangout on keyboards, phones, fax machines, copiers, and writing utensils too. Spraying these down with antibacterial solutions is one way to prevent the spread of the flu in the workplace.

Offer Free Immune Support Teas

If you want to keep your employees happy and healthy in the workplace it is wise to offer free hot immune support teas in the break room that are already made up, easy to pour into a cup and drink up. Leave some honey nearby to so the employees can boost the wellness properties in the immune tea you are serving up while adding sweetness. Honey contains loads of antioxidants for keeping the human body healthy and it provides energy and acts as a natural antibiotic. Just remember, to always list any herbs used in the tea so those wanting to drink it can know. After all, you want to prevent any potential allergic reactions from occurring since some employees do have food allergies.

Keep Antibacterial Tissues and Paper Towel on Hand

During cold and flu season, it is essential that you keep antibacterial tissues and paper towels on hand in the workplace. They trap the flu virus strains and prevent the spread of illness in a workplace.

Offer the Flu Vaccine Free

One last way to keep the flu from spreading through your place of employment each year is to offer the flu vaccination free to your employees. You can do this by setting up a flu vaccination day with a local clinic.

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