Reblog: 5 Reasons to Pre-Book Flu Vaccine


Getting the flu is more than a minor inconvenience. Even at best, the flu causes aches, pains, fatigue, and fever. For both older and younger populations, or for those with compromised immune systems, the flu can be much more severe. Moderate complications can include sinus and ear infections, and severe complications can damage the heart or brain, or even cause organ failure. In severe cases, some people who catch the flu have even died.

The best defense against the flu is to get the annual flu vaccine. The vaccine is developed each year based on the most common flu strains found previously. As the vaccine is adapted each year, this means that each year’s flu shot will provide different immunities. Pre-booking your flu shot allows you to ensure you get a timely dose and provides a number of additional benefits.

Develop Immunities Before the Season Starts

Pre-booking the flu vaccine helps ensure a timely delivery of the vaccine. Data gathered from 1982-2014 shows that flu season begins in October and peaks in February. Pre-book helps ensure that doses will be available before the season begins, helping to develop immunities before being exposed to new flu viruses.

Pre-Booking can Offer Discounts

Vaccines cost money. Booking ahead helps both providers and manufacturers plan and budget, so many will offer a discount for early order confirmation. Physicians Alliance of America offers discounts on flu vaccines booked by the end of March, in addition to increased money back on returns for prebooked items.

Vaccines are Made in Limited Batches

Vaccines are manufactured each year based on different flu strains. Each year has a limited number of vaccines. While more vaccine can be manufactured is there is a sudden and increased demand, manufacturing and shipping take time. For 2015-2016, vaccine manufacturers estimated a need for up to 179 million doses for the US market.

Reserve the Right Option

Flu vaccine comes in different forms, primarily in a single dose or multi-dose – vial or syringe. Different manufacturers may provide these alternative kinds of doses, and you will need to have the right fit. Babies over 6 months use a multi-dose liquid while older children can often take a nasal-based vaccine. Adults and seniors commonly get a shot-based flu vaccine. Each of these items may be made by a different manufacturer, and it’s important to get the right doses to your area.

Prevent Flu from Spreading

Flu spreads to other people up to 6 feet away. Usually transmitted by coughs, sneezes, or touching – the flu is highly contagious. Most healthy people are actually infectious 1 day before symptoms start to appear, and up to 7 days after feeling sick. With the easy spread of these viruses, the flu can travel across populations quickly. Widespread flu outbreaks cost in lost worker productivity, sales and more. Ensuring timely vaccinations with pre-booking helps to get ahead of the contagion, and stop the spread of this illness.

Pre-booking flu vaccine is good for both business and health. Ensure that your community stays, happy, healthy, and profitable by reserving your flu vaccine before the season starts.

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