Quick Tips About Pre-Booking Flu Vaccine

EMS-Blog-BANNER-Quick-Tip-Prebooking-fluPre-booking flu vaccines before the flu season starts can ensure that you are giving the chance to stay as healthy as you can throughout the ill season. Those susceptible to catching the flu are elderly, young children, women pregnant and anyone with a weak immune system.  With that said, healthy people can catch the flu too, which is why everyone who has the ability to get the flu shot should. If you are wondering how to pre-book your flu shots before the season starts, these quick tips will help.

Look for Pre-Booking Vaccine Clinics

Before flu season starts, search for the clinics that are giving out the flu vaccinations as soon as possible. These clinics usually occur at a place of work, school, and a local pharmacy. Usually you will see flyers, posters, emails or a post in a newspaper about upcoming ones. If they require sign up, you should sign up immediately. If they just require you to go the day of, then you should. Receiving an early vaccination increases your chances of not catching or developing the flu. Some work places such as hospitals, nursing homes and urgent care centers will require the staff to get the vaccine before the season even begins, and some schools will make it mandatory for students and teachers.

Make an Appointment with the Doctor

One way to pre-book your flu shot early is by calling your doctor’s office before the season starts and set up an appointment to go in and receive the flu shot. People who should consider doing this are:

  • Young children under two years of age
  • Women pregnant
  • Elderly over 65 years of age
  • Asthmatics
  • Diabetics
  • Heart disease patients
  • Autoimmune disease patients
  • Cancer patients
  • Patients who have suffered a severe case of the flu in the past
  • People with weakened immune systems

Schedule in Home Flu Vaccination with Nurse 

If you have in home care from a nurse, ask the nurse if they can pre-book a flu vaccination early so you increase your chances of preventing the flu this year. Most of the time in home nurses can do this for you if they have the right licensing.  If the nurse cannot, you can always ask the nurse, or a love one to take you to a location that is providing early vaccinations against the flu.

Pre-Book at Your Local Pharmacy

Most of the time local pharmacies will have flu vaccinations available early for their customers if you call ahead and ask for an early flu vaccination. Then, all you will have to do is go down there and receive if from a pharmacist who has the proper training to give flu vaccinations.

Pre-Booking Flu Vaccinations for Medical Centers

If you are a medicinal center such as hospital, clinic, doctor’s office or urgent care center trying to pre-book flu vaccinations ahead of time, ordering from Expressmedicalsupplies.com is a great place to start. They offer pre-booking vaccines of all kinds for all ages so your patients receive the right dosage they need to be protective from the flu this year. Best of all, they mail their vaccines out quick so your medicinal center gets them as soon as possible.

End Notes to Keep in Mind 

With all that said, it is wise to speak with a doctor first before receiving the flu vaccine because it may not be right for people with particular health conditions or allergies to the ingredients used to make the flu vaccine. Otherwise, the flu vaccine is safe and effective at keeping people of all ages healthy throughout the terrible cold and flu season.

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