Products You Should Purchase for Your Lab


Products you should purchase for your lab

A medical laboratory is one of the most critical areas in a healthcare setup. This is where you carry out complex research and analyses concerning the health and conditions of humans. Considering what the activities in the laboratory demand, there is a need for top quality laboratory equipment. Below are a few things you can learn about some of the instruments required in a laboratory.

Common medical labware

There are various processes including analyses, critical measurements, testing various parameters that are involved in the various human biological conditions as well as health factors. Each of these processes is carried out using specific tools and equipment which are manufactured under strict scientific supervision which makes them able to maintain the highest safety standards. Many laboratory procedures depend on a wide variety of glassware for checking important fluid parameters. Here are some of the lab wares you should buy.

  • Beaker

Beakers have a wide variety of uses in the laboratory. Physically, they have a broad mouth and have the sides parallel to each other with an extended pouring spout at the end of its ream. Since they are used for the determination of volume, they have calibrations on the side to aid with the purpose of measuring the volume of fluids and liquids.

  • Erlenmeyer flask

These kinds of flasks have a flat bottom and sloping sides giving it a conical shape. The top of the flask terminates into an opening with the shape of a bottle-neck. Erlenmeyer flasks are available in various capacities ranging from 10ml to 4000ml. It is used for mixing and sometimes holding liquids and solutions as well as measuring volumes that are less critical. The reading of the measurements is aided by the calibrations on the sides of the flask.

  • Graduated cylinders

Graduated cylinders are long, parallel and have straight sides as well as calibrated graduations. The base is chamfered thus giving it the ability to stand stable excellently. The measurements that are carried out using this apparatus is often non-critical.

Besides the apparatus above, there are also devices that are critical to the daily operations of the lab, and you should thus have them on your shopping list.

Often, the tools and apparatus you use during various procedures in the lab may get infected and thus the need to sterilize and disinfect them. Having all the instruments sterilized and disinfected is probable the most critical bit of lab practices you need to follow to the letter. For this purpose, chemicals are usually used thus making them an ingredient in the lab you do not want to ignore. So here are some of the equipment you should consider.

  • Hot Air Oven

Hot air ovens are controlled thermostatically but operated electrically. The device is two walled with sturdy doors. The instruments and appliances that you want to sterilize are placed inside the instrument and sterilized through a process of convection by hot air.

  • Autoclave

This instrument is made of heavy metal and is designed to operate under intense pressure. Lab wares to be sterilized are put inside and disinfected appropriately by hot air.

  • Weighing scale and balances

The weighing scale is a simple yet critical component of a lab. It is also easy to overlook as you shop for lab equipment. It is used to measure the weight of various quantities in the lab. When there is need for more accurate weighing, an analytical balance is used.

Although a laboratory requires innumerable products to run smoothly, the above named may be critical in most cases.

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