Prevent Surgical Site Infections with Ethicon Plus Sutures

ethicon plus suturesExpress Medical Supplies is dedicated in providing proper medical supplies to help healthcare professionals during surgical procedures. Express Medical Supplies happy is to have Ethicon Plus Sutures available for your needs in preventing Surgical Site Infections. These Surgical Site Infections are becoming a costly problem, and Ethicon Plus Sutures are one way that you can prevent the cost resulting from surgical site infections.

Surgical Site Infections

Surgical Site Infections (SSIs) have affected up to 675,000 patients in the United States during surgery.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that Surgical Site Infections are among the most common form of Healthcare-associated Infections (HAI), and 90,000 people a year die from these such infections.  SSIs also cause patients to extend their stay in the hospital up to 7.3 days and can incur costs up to $3,152 per infection.

Ethicon Plus Sutures Benefits

Express Medical Supplies is happy to provide a full line of Ethicon Plus Suture supplies. These include Monocryl Plus, PDS Plus, and Vicryl Plus, all having antibacterial properties. To date, over 90 million strands of Ethicon Plus Sutures have been used.  The benefits of using Ethicon Plus Sutures is that these antibacterial sutures kill the bacteria and prevent colonization on the sutures. They have also been proven in vitro to create a zone against the pathogens associated most commonly with surgical sites. Ethicon Plus Sutures can be used as an additional tool used in fighting bacterial contamination that can eventually lead to SSIs.

Cut the Cost, Prevent the Risk- Buy Your Ethicon Plus Sutures Today

Express Medical Supplies is happy to offer Ethicon Plus Sutures to help you prevent Surgical Site Infections. Visit us online today or place a call at 888-886-6337 to talk to our friendly customer sales agents. We will be happy to assist you in getting the supplies you need.

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